Cannot load mcrypt extension. Please check your PHP configuration. (Solved)

When you finish installing phpMyAdmin on your windows OS, you may see this error msg below your phpMyAdmin screen after you logging in. I try googling for solution and none of them working on my windows system. But i get a conclusion from those articles i read and Yes i get the solution.
First there aren’t MySQL or PhpMyAdmin prolems. it’s PHP problem that can’t load this extension. Now you can open your php initialization file “php.ini” it’s ono your php installation directory (i.e c:\program files\php\). You must make sure that php extension directory is set up at the right place, on my pc it’s on”C:\Program Files\PHP\ext”. then you can open comment on this line “;extension=php_mcrypt.dll”.

Until this step actualy i have done the right things and surely this must work, after i restart my Apache Server this isn’t progress at all . I try googling and googling but none of them solved my problem until i read article on install mysql that must put the libray on to the windows directory than i realize this is must be the solution.

I put the library on windows system (c:\windows\) not the php_mcrypt.dll but libmcrypt.dll (mine in c:\program files\php\) , restart the Apache and ….. this is SOLVED…

Phew after a night and a half day ….


2 Responses to “Cannot load mcrypt extension. Please check your PHP configuration. (Solved)”

  1. JeremyV Says:

    Thanks so much! That was a sure fire fix

  2. hermawanpurwanto Says:

    you’r welcome

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